Review Process & Evaluation Rubric

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Following the application deadline of Thursday, April 25, 2024, all submissions will go through multiple stages of review. During Administrative Review, all submissions will be screened to confirm eligibility, completeness, and adherence to the Application Rules of the program. Submissions that pass Administrative Review will proceed to the Expert Panel, where each application will be evaluated using the Evaluation Rubric below. Based on the results of the Expert Panel, a subset of applicants will be invited to an interview with Rockefeller Foundation staff.

Evaluation Rubric

The Expert Panel will use the following Evaluation Rubric to score applications on four dimensions: Impact, Clarity, Expertise, and Influence. For each dimension, applications will be scored on a scale of 0-5 (note that if you drag the slider along each of the scales below, you will see descriptions that correspond to each score on the 5-point scale).

Score TEST Title (0-5 points)

This is the description text, might be something long and descriptive!

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Low Anchor Text
High Anchor Text

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